Not your typical Catholic podcast!
Brothers Chris O'Donnell and Justin Panlasigui provide Franciscan/Catholic-focused commentary on an eclectic variety of topics including: science, pop culture, literature and media (especially the fantasy and horror genres), and the paranormal.

Co-host: Quyen Skiano | Produced by: Scott Sullivan
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Boozin' with the Brothers - The St. Clare Cocktail: Brother Justin and Sister Quyen enjoy a St. Clare inspired sip.
Episode 12
4 ways the demons tempt us: Brother Chris and Brother Justin discuss the enemy's dirty tricks and ways to resist.
Episode 11
What if aliens are real?? Brother Chris and Brother Justin discuss how the existence of aliens would not be incompatible with Christianity.
Episode 10
Demonology: 8 Warning Signs Brother Chris and Brother Justin discuss the basics of demonology including 8 major warning signs to look out for.
Episode 9
SIX Paranormal LIES: A Christian Perspective Brother Chris and Brother Justin highlight six common myths about the paranormal and provide a Christian perspective on each of them.
Episode 8
Father Stu - full moview review with spoilers! Brother Chris and Brother Justin were given the opportunity to watch a free screening of Father Stu. Check out their hot take on the new movie, starring Mark Walberg, Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver. Opens in theater April 13th.
Episode 7
Dangers of the Paranormal Brother Chris and Brother Justin discusses the dangers of the paranormal. Occultism is on the rise. How can you protect yourself?
Episode 6
Lord of the Rings: Comparison of the Movie and the book Brother Chris and Brother Justin discuss Tolkien and his books as well as the Lord of the Rings movie.